Why Should You Promote You Listing?

Boosting your listing can help you attract more renters by increasing its visibility. It’s like using a megaphone in a crowded room to make sure your listing is heard and seen by a diverse audience. By promoting your listing, you can turn on the spotlight and draw in more views, improving your chances of getting more responses. So why settle for whispers when you can make your listing shout to a larger crowd.

Post Your Listing & Renewal

Post Your Listing
  • When you post your listing for the first time, you can do it for free.
  • Duration                   Price(Rs)
  • 1 month                           Free
  • 3 month                           Free
  • 6 months                          Free
  • Based on your preference, you have the option to renew your listing for the following periods.
  • Duration                   Price(Rs)
  • 1 month                             500
  • 3 month                            1000
  • 6 months                          2000

Boost / Promote Your Listing

  • Get more visibility for your listing by featuring it on the homepage with a unique badge, and increase views from all website visitors.
  • Duration                   Price(Rs)
  • 7 days                              1200
  • 15 days                            1800
Top Up
  • Promote your listing on top of all pages and in filtered categories with a highlighted preview.
  • Duration                   Price(Rs)
  • 7 days                                1000
  • 15 days                             1600
Bump Up
  • This option enables reposting the listing as a new ad daily until the end of the promotion period.
  • Duration                   Price(Rs)
  • 7 days                              800
  • 15 days                             1400